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Jul 31, 2014

I am listening to the people of Lowan and what I’m hearing at Douglas needs action now, well before the November State Election.

The spent Douglas mineral sand mine site is now being used to store radioactive material now in a concentrated form after processing....

....I want to know what the current local member is doing to resolve these concerns and the risk, if there is one, to his Lowan residents.

  • Kate Rainsford
    Katrina Rainsford for Lowan
  • Katrina & family 2014
    Brian Ball Douglas Ball Victoria Ball seated Dr Katrina Rainsford Cameron Ball and Graham Ball
  • Katrina Rainsford
    Katrina at work
  • Katrina @ Balwannon
    Katrina pregnancy testing Braunvieh at Balwannon 2010
  • Hamilton Pastoral Museum
    Katrina Rainsford, Brian Ball and 2 of their sons at Hamilton Pastoral Museum, May 2010
  • Horsham Greyhound Races
    Katrina vetting at the Horsham Greyhound Races May 2010
  • Katrina & Wallacedale Water Committee
    Katrina at the Wallacedale Water Committee Meeting May 2010

Rainsford's 4 R': Roads, Rails, Rates and Repopulate

Fix the Roads, Return Passenger Rail, Rein in Rates and Repopulate our Rural communities.

My vision for Lowan is increasing population and employment, a real plan for growth, where we enjoy roads of the standard as the rest of Victoria, our communities are connected back into the Passenger Rail service that is provided to the rest of Victoria, our Shire Rates stop increasing beyond our ability to pay and State and Federal Governments stop cost shifting down to Local Government.

A vibrant food and fibre producing and value adding Lowan ecomony.

That the people demand not to be taken for granted as being coalition supporters who don't need the same services as the rest of the State.


Dr Katrina Rainsford